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Magnum Wheel Balancing Compound

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MAGNUM is a dry free-flowing balance compound consisting of smooth, specially coated micro-beads and other materials. MAGNUM is designed principally for balancing medium truck tires, light truck, SUV and off-road tires, and larger passenger tires.

MAGNUM works with the rotation of the tire and wheel assembly. As the tire rotates, centrifugal force distributes the tire balancing compound evenly around the interior of the tire.

In an unbalanced tire, any heavy spot in the tread, or variation in the stiffness of the sidewall of the tire will create a pull away from the tire that results in vibration.

When MAGNUM is present, the free-flowing characteristics of the balancing compound micro-beads allow MAGNUM to move in the opposite direction, thereby offsetting the effects of the heavy spot, and keeping the tire balanced at all times.

The Benefits of MAGNUM

When the heavy spot on the tire changes, through wear, trapped stones or other foreign matter, MAGNUM automatically compensates for the change in position of the heavy spot. No downtime with your vehicle in the shop for rebalancing. A further benefit is that MAGNUM compensates for any imbalance created by the other moving parts of the wheel assembly - brake drums, hub and wheel bearings, as well as road surface irregularities.

The cost of balancing Medium Truck Tires with fixed wheel weights can become prohibitive because fixed weights require tires to be re-balanced at regular intervals, usually every 30,000 miles. This could mean 8 to 10 balances in the life of the tire.

With MAGNUM, all truck tires can be efficiently balanced for the life of each tire because MAGNUM retains its physical balancing characteristics across extended use.


Download Magnum Application Chart (PDF)