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  3M Wheel Balancing Weight Systems - New York, Florida

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Wheel Balancing Solutions

We offer a complete line of wheel balancing and wheel centering products to keep your vehicles running smoothly

Whether you need lead, zinc, steel, or even segmented weights- we have them all. We also offer large selection of wheel balancing compounds and Tru-Balance wheel centering devices to help center truck wheels and drums on the axle, providing a much smoother ride! No need to dial indicate truck wheels to get them to run true.


Clip-On and segmented wheel

NYTECH Supply offers a broad range of wheel weights from trusted brands like Plombco, Wheelmate and Perfect. We offer a complete line of lead-free, zinc, and steel weights to meet all of your businesses needs. We even offer special 2 pc clip-on weights, steel segmented weights on a roll, chrome contour weights and much more!



Magnum plus tire balancing
Tru-Balance Wheel Centering Products
Magnum Plus tire balancing compound offers an exciting new way of balancing tires.  Magnum Plus is a dynamic balance that keeps the tire continuously balanced throughout its life.  Consisting of ultra-smooth micro-beads that are placed inside the tire, Magnum Plus uses the rotational forces of the tire and wheel assembly, to adjust to the varying conditions of the road and offset any imbalance in the tire.
Magnum Plus is particularly suitable for keeping transport and trailer tires balanced at an economical cost, for providing the best way to keep those off-road tires balanced from asphalt to mud and back, and for offering an 'invisible' balance for custom wheels.



Tru-Balance wheel centering
Tru-Balance Wheel Centering Products
One of the most overlooked reasons for this vibration is proper wheel centering.  With hub-piloted wheels, the weight of the wheel rests on the top pilots creating a gap on the bottom pilots. A small gap the size of a business card can create an "egg-shaped" motion upon rotation.  This uneven motion causes tire vibration and uneven tire wear that balancing alone can't correct.  The bottom line is you can't balance an egg.






Lead Free wheel weights by 3M
3M wheel weights are low profile, lead-free, flexible, conformable weights used to balance tires. Cut to exact length for better balance and ride, one product replaces dozens of clip on weights. Corrosion and stain free. Uses 3M Attachment Tape for superior performance. The rugged and lightweight cutting tool is exclusively designed for the precise cutting of the 3M Wheel Weight
Products. The cutting stand creates a
 complete dispense-and-cut application system.