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The Most Important Tools In Your Shop!

Tork Hygiene Solutions Work for You.  Tork has a Hygiene System designed for your business. Our high-quality towels are economical and hygienic, because Tork dispensers provide one highly-absorbent towel at a time without the need to press a button or lever.

Additionally, Tork gives you the choice of Tork Plus or Tork Standard grades. Whichever you choose, you are assured of the world's finest quality hygiene solution.

High capacity Tork large roll toilet tissue, Tork Mevon liquid soap, and air freshener complete your total Tork Hygiene System.

A-Tork for general purpose wiping.

  • Soft and non-abrasive to protect delicate surfaces

  • 2-ply cellulose absorbs four times its weight

  • Solvent-resistant and long lasting

  • Perfect for light-duty wiping

Tork Mekanic for maximum absorbency.

  • Absorbs oil, grease, hydraulic fluids, and solvents for fast clean-up

  • Dual-textured sides for flexible, multipurpose cleaning and wiping

  • 4-ply 100% cellulose absorbs more, so you use less

E-Tork Strong for heavy-duty precision wiping.

  • Super-strong, durable non-woven design for long-life

  • Low linting for high-performance wiping

  • Ultra-absorbency and high wet strength stands up to the harshest chemicals and solvents

Tork "Plus" Hand Towels

Our brand-new, patented hand towel dispensing system sets a new standard for ease-of-use, durability, and economy.

  • Soft, strong, highly absorbent for fast, effective hand drying

  • "Touch-only-paper" dispensing reduces cross contamination

  • Perforated, center-fed rolls for reliable portion control

  • Large and small roll options to match space requirements

Tork "Plus" Toilet Tissue

  • Top quality, soft tissue

  • Water soluble and biodegradable to protect sewer systems

  • Perforated for economy and ease of use

  • High capacity means less maintenance

  • Select roll sizes to meet space limitations

  • Choose the T-Box for T-Tork Standard 1-ply or 2-Ply Toilet Tissue

Tork Mevonฎ Hand Soaps

  • Highest quality soaps to meet all your hygiene needs

  • Five varieties, including Mild Lotion, Hair and Body, and Antibacterial

  • Non-drip, push button dispensers for guaranteed performance

  • High capacity dispensers for 1,000 applications and fewer refills

  • Choose the S-Box for 1,000 hand-washing applications of TORK Mevon Soap

Torkฎ Hygiene Products Complete the Solution.

Washroom SolutionsSCA Hygiene Paper is a leading provider of commercial hygiene solutions for restrooms in establishments ranging from fine restaurants and hotels to service stations, manufacturing facilities, and other institutions, providing:

  • A broad selection of top quality and recycled hand towels and toilet tissues

  • A variety of the highest-quality soaps to meet all hand hygiene needs

  • Economical air fresheners add a pleasant fragrance

And don't forget our coordinated dispensing systems in durable ABS plastic or metal reduce waste, tampering, and upkeep.

Tork Works at the Pump and in the Washroom

You'll find many uses for Tork towels in Gas Service Stations, Garages, Restaurants, Rest Rooms, and Convenience Store operations. Put a Tork towel dispenser near the pumps for self-service customers. Put one next to your coffee and fast-food area for quick wipe-ups.

And, remember to specify large capacity Tork toilet tissue for your restrooms.

NYTECH Supply's unbeatable combination of Tork Hand Towels, Tork Toilet Tissue, Tork Mevlon Soaps, and quality Air Fresheners offers you convenience, economy, and quality from one source.


Nilodor Freshening System

It is our businesses to keep establishments fresh and sanitary. Nilodor's unique proprietary odor neutralizer is formulated into each product to effectively control and eliminate odors.

  • Aerosol Dispensing Units

  • Nilotron Designer Series Dispenser

  • Airofresh Automatic Dispenser

  • Gel Cartridge Dispenser