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Challenger ALI/ETL Certified Lifts

CHALLENGER Two-Post, Four-Post, Quick Lube, Alignment and Low-Rise Lifts

Regardless of the model, every Challenger® Lift incorporates technologies that deliver superior structural stability and longevity. Rigid one-piece column construction, heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders and oversized high tensile steel synchronizer pulleys are just a
few of the design features that make Challenger® Lifts
exceptionally strong and durable.

Convenience by Design

Challenger® Lifts are loaded with convenience amenities that boost efficiency, productivity and versatility. Years of experience has allowed Challenger to "fine-tune" the position and function of all controls thereby minimizing operator effort.

Challenger Low/Mid-Rise Models-
Click on image for more info

Challenger MR-6
Challenger MR-6 6,000# Capacity Portable Mid-Rise Lift

Challenger MR-6Challenger SRM-10 10,000# Capacity Low-Rise Lift

Challenger 2-Post Models-
Click on image for more info

Challenger CL7-PChallenger CL7-P 7,000# Capacity 2-Post Quick Spotting Pad Lift


Challenger CL9-FPChallenger CLFP-9 9,000# Capacity Low Ceiling Floor Plate 2-Post Lift

Challenger E-10Challenger LE-10 10,000# Capacity Value Series 2-Post Lift

Challenger CL10-V3Challenger CL10-V3 10,000# Capacity 2-Post Lift With 3-Stage Front and Rear Arms

Challenger CL-10Challenger CL10 10,000# Capacity 2-Post Lift

Challenger E-10Challenger CL10V3-DPC 10,000# Capacity 2-Post Lift With 3-Stage Front and Rear Arms and Dual Pendant Controls

Challenger Heavy Duty 2-Post Models-
Click on image for more info

Challenger E-12
Challenger E-12 12,000# Capacity 2-Post Lift


Challenger 12000Challenger 12000 12,000# Capacity 2-Post Lift Available in 3 different heights

Challenger 15000-3SChallenger 15000 15,000# Capacity 2-Post Lift Available in 2 different heights. Now with 3-stage front and rear arms!

Challenger 18000Challenger 18000 18,000# Capacity 2-Post Lift Available in 2 different heights

Challenger In-Ground Models-
Click on image for more info

Challenger AV1020WV
Challenger AV1020WV 10,000# Capacity Aqua-Vantage In Ground Lift

Challenger EV1020Challenger EV1020 10,000# Capacity Cassette In Ground Lift

Challenger 4-Post Models-
Click on image for more info

Challenger 4P12
Challenger 4P14 14,000# Capacity 4-Post Service Lift Available in 2 different lengths

Challenger 4015Challenger AR4015 15,000# Capacity 4-Post Lift Alignment or service, open or closed front
Available in 4 different lengths

Challenger 44018Challenger 44018 18,000# Capacity 4-Post Lift Alignment or service

Excellent Return on Investment

Built with the finest materials and to the highest quality standards, Challenger® Lifts are engineered for low maintenance. You get maximum service time, minimal down-time and years of trouble-free service - which means an excellent return on your investment!

Support and Service

And don't forget that NYTECH Supply is your full-service Factory Authorized Service Center for all Challenger Lifts and Accessories. Our factory-trained technicians have one goal: to make sure you're up and running as quickly as possible when you have an equipment problem.