Challenger CL10-V3 Versymmetric 2-Post Lift


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Challenger ALI/ETL Certified Lifts

Challenger CL10V3
2-Post Automotive Lift - 10,000 Lbs.

Only $4,595! ( Includes delivery within continental US)

The New and Improved Challenger versymmetric lifts features three-stage telescopic front arms, adjustable height and width options, wide rubber door guards and a padded overhead shut off bar just to name a few. It hoists a hefty 10,000 lbs. of passenger car, light truck or SUV while providing a clear floor for unimpeded motion.

Model CL10V3
The Challenger CL10 versymmetric lift gives you the option of selecting either asymmetrical or symmetrical lifting depending on the vehicle you’re servicing. They provide a wide, open workspace for mobile shop equipment and personnel.

Watch Versymmetric Demo Video (FLV)


Challenger CL10V3 Automotive Lift- Key Features
  • 10,000 lb. capacity
  • Integrated symmetric/ asymmetric design delivers two choices for optimum vehicle lifting
  • Overhead beam clear floor design - 11'-11" ft. ceiling height
  • Three-stage telescopic front arms for maximum reach and vehicle coverage
  • Full contact spherical grooved grease-able arm pin sleeves for less wear and longer life
  • Multi-surface ultra high molecular polyethylene slide blocks improve lifting carriage performance
  • Nickel/zinc plated arm pins
  • Bolt-on heavy duty cassette gear style arm restraints engage when lift is raised
  • Adjustable height and width options accommodate varying service bay sizes
  • 48" elongated carriage design decreases load on bearings
  • Single point mechanical safety lock release and two hand lift lowering for fast and safe operation
  • Truck adapters standard
  • ALI/ETL Certified
  • 230V, 1 Phase, 60Hz power required

Versymmetric Series 2-Post Lift)
Maximum Capacity
10,000 lbs.
Overall Width
Adjustable 11'-6-1/2" or 11'-11"
Width Between Columns
Adjustable 110" or 114-1/2"
Drive-Thru Width
Adjustable 100-1/2" or 105"
Overall Height
Height to Lowered Lift Pad
Under Bar Clearance
Height to Raised Low Lift Pad
Height to Raised High Lift Pad
Front Arm Reach
19-13/16" to 42"
Rear Arm Reach
37-5/8" to 60"
Maximum Lifting Height
82" (with 6" adapter)
Lift Time 52 seconds
Power Requirement
230v AC - 60 Hz, 1 Ph 20A
Shipping Weight 1,835 lbs.

Download CL10V3 Spec Sheet

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