Challenger AR4015-XAO 4-Post Lift Open Front Alignment Lift



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Challenger ALI/ETL Certified Lifts

Challenger AR4015EAO  - Open Front
4-Post Alignment Lift - 15,000 Lbs.

Only $17,995! ( Includes delivery within continental US)

   Challenger Lifts’ 15,000 lb. four post automotive lifts are the complete package for expanding your service offering and revenue potential. The 4015series comes in several productivity configurations including open and closed front general service flat decks and alignment rack packages that support today’s latest camera imaging alignment systems.

    With the 4015series, you’ll be able to service small passenger cars and medium duty trucks, vans and fleet vehicles. Alignment Rack models include a package of two 7,500 lb. rolling jacks, internal air line system for the dual rolling jacks, flush mount stainless steel turning radius gauges, rear slip plates, multi-position work-steps and automatic wheel stops.



Challenger AR4015EAX Alignment Lift - Key Features
  • 15,000 lb. capacity
  • The highest rise in the industry provides more working room underneath vehicles- 78"
  • Heavy duty front bearing and yoke assemblies distribute contact load reducing column stress for longer product life
  • 14 level locking positions for a variety of alignment and general service tasks
  • Hidden lifting cylinder under the deck adds to accessibility and no vehicle door damage
  • Formed UHMW polyethylene sliders are designed to minimize deck sway
  • 20 " runways for wide track vehicles and no runway adjustment
  • 43 " opening between the decks for optimum work space
  • Accommodates up to 210-inch wheelbase
  • Full size 39 " approach ramps handle most low profile vehicles
  • Compatible with the industry's latest camera imaging alignment systems
  • Durable non-skid surfaces for positive vehicle traction and technician safety
  • 230 V - 60 Hz - 1 phase power required (other electrical options available)
  • ALI/ETL certified

Challenger AR4015EAX Specifications
(AR40 Series 4-Post Alignment Lift)

Maximum Capacity
15,000 lbs.
Overall Length 23'
Maximum wheel base 210"
Max. 2 wheel alignment WB 194"
Max. 4 wheel alignment WB 88" - 158"
Width Between Columns 222-1/2"
Overall Width
11'-10" (front)
Width Between Decks 43"
Down Position Height 7"
Maximum Lifting Height 78"
Power Requirements 230vac, 60Hz, 1ph, 23amp

Download AR4015EAX Spec Sheet

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