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Tire Changer Accessories

Top Quality Tire Changer Accessories from the Number One Name in Wheel Service Equipment

To complement the finest Wheel Balancer and Tire Changer equipment on the market today, COATS offers a complete line of adapters, tools and accessories to meet the needs of any size shop. COATS has the perfect accessory to do the job right.

The COATS name stands for innovation, versatility, quality and reliability. That's why COATS has been the leader in wheel service technology for over 50 years.

COATS continues to improve and broaden the industry's most comprehensive lines of wheel balancer and tire changer accessories. This means greater profits and more satisfied customers for you!

The future of tire changing is here! Coats is proud to introduce their new EL-X Express Lane Inflation upgrade!
Coats PN#85607770

     EL-X on a 70X Leverless changer
Adding an EL-X Express Lane Inflation Cage to a COATS
X-Series tire changer can increase productivity time by 20 percent or more!

Watch the new EL-X demo video now!
Increase productivity 20% or more. (FLV)
EL-X Upgrade Brochure


 Leverless upgrade package for most 70 series, 9010/9024 and APX series machines!
Coats PN#85606689


Leverless Upgrade Brochure

Step 1- Inserting The Hook, Nothing Touches The Rim!     Step 2- Pulling Up The Bead

Nothing touches the rim! No more tire irons!

Simply flip a switch. The tool inserts itself, hooks the bead, and effortlessly lifts it above the rim!

Leverless Kit Contents

Leverless Ghosted On 70 Series Changer


Watch the new Leverless demo video now!
Works similar to the  premium ProGuard tire changer.


Leverless Helpful Tips


2011 Full Line Accessory Catalog

2011 Full Line Accessory Catalog  (7.55mb PDF)

Coats Robo-Arm LR PN#85607770

New LR Low Cost Robo Arm

Coats LR Upgrade Brochure

Coats Robo-Arm PN#85009937

Coats Robo-Arm Low Profile Assist Arm
Coats Robo-Arm Upgrade Brochure

Low Profile Helper Arm Upgrade Kits

New accessories available! Click on icons for more information

Coats 50X/70X Series Rebuildable Jaws Coats 50X/70X Series 6"-26" Jaw Kit Coats 50X/70X Series Rebuildable Jaws Coats 9010/9024E Jaw Upgrade Kits

Clamp Upgrade Kits


 Rim Clamp On Board Bead Seater Rim Clamp Pneumatic Wheel Lift Wheel Protection Items 

Bead Seaters, Wheel Lifts & Wheel Protection


Low Profile Duckhead Roller Bump-N-Roll

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