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We are your one-stop source for Tire Repairs & Chemicals, Tire Service Equipment, Brake Lathes, Tire Pressure Monitoring Tools and Equipment, Car and Truck Lifts, Air Impact Tools, Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling Equipment, Restroom Hygiene Products, and Auto Detailing Products.


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NYTECH Supply gives you the widest selection of Auto Care / Detailing products anywhere. You can choose from a wide selection of products to meet all your needs with the job at hand.

Auto Cleaning Chemicals

  • One- Step Wash-N-Wax - One-Step Wash-N-Wax is a super sudsing car wash designed to remove all soils from vehicle surface.

  • Blue Moon Car Wash - Liquid car wash detergent concentrate for normal soil accumulations.

  • Old Sheepherder's Spray Cleaner - The all time favorite for 20 years. Our one product that will clean anything.

  • Old Sheepherder's Streakless Glass Cleaner - An alcohol based streakless glass cleaner with sprayer. Contains no ammonia, safe for tinted windows.

  • Bacteria/Enzyme Digester-Deodorizer - 3A super heavy duty deodorizer along with bacteria and enzymes to digest the source of the bad odor.

  • Engine Degreaser - Professional strength degreaser. Penetrating solvent formula quickly removes grease and grime.

Waxes and Buffing Compounds

  • Perma-Shine Creme Wax - Perma-Shine contains a blend of the highest Carnuba wax and silicone for a long-lasting, deep gloss shine.

  • Speedy-Shine Gloss Renewer - Speedy-Shine perfects appearance of ready-to-deliver vehicles and showroom cars.

  • E-Z Shine Non-Silicone Polish - E-Z Shine Polish cleans and polishes.

Wash Brushes and Squeegees

  • 8" Squeegee Head with 20" Handle  - Heavy Duty Squeegee with Foam Brush and Bug Netting for cleaning super dirty windshields.

  • Brass Fill Whitewall Brush  - A soft brass fill whitewall brush. Ideal for wide whitewalls, strong enough to get the grime off, but gentle enough not to damage the whitewall.

  • Rim/Tire Brush - A great all purpose brush with soft bristles.

  • Microfiber Drying Towel - Microfiber drying towel designed specifically for drying of delicate surfaces.

  • Sure-Scrub Bug Cleaner - Ideal for removing bugs and tar from vehicles finish.

Paint Prep Products

  • Max-Off Final Prep Wipe Refill Kit   - Wipers are wetted with 85% alcohol/15% water. A great way to get in the habit of using the best final wipe on the market.

  • Tax-Off Intercoat Wiper    - The Tax-Off tack wiper is made with a unique acrylic adhesive system similar to that used on office sticky notes.

Orbital Buffing Pads and Accessories

  • Ingersoll Rand IR314 A - IR-314 Air Angle Polisher/Buffer 7" pad

  • Wax Applicator 10 Pak - Terrycloth wax applicator, pack of 10

  • Curved Black Polish/Finish Pad  - Polyester foam pads, soft and pliable, tough. Used for final polishing. Eliminates swirl marks, and prevents paint burning or graying.

  • Curved Yellow Buff/Cut Pad  - Polyester foam pad, soft and pliable, tough. Specially designed for light compounding and paint oxidation removal on clear coat finishes.

  • Curved Yellow Buff/Cut Pad  - Polyester foam pad, soft and pliable, tough. Specially designed for light compounding and paint oxidation removal on clear coat finishes.

  • 11" Microfiber Bonnet  - The ultimate product for wax removal.