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A Complete Family of Superior Drum, Disc and Combination Brake Lathes

As a leading manufacturer of a complete family of brake service equipment, AMMCO® enjoys a solid reputation for quality dating back over 70 years.

AMMCO® is the world's leading manufacturer of brake lathes, selling more than a quarter of a million since 1952 - most of which are still in operation! Over the years, AMMCO® brake lathes, tools and rotor machining  have played an integral role in the success and profitability of thousands of tire and brake service centers around the world.

Designed to Your Specifications

AMMCO® lathes are designed to grow with your business. Standard packages accommodate a wide variety of brake assemblies on passenger cars and light trucks. And almost all AMMCO® bench lathes will machine most flywheels on the market using optional accessories.

Choose AMMCO® for Unmatched Durability

The durability of AMMCO® lathes is unmatched anywhere in the world. Each model is designed for longevity, using the strongest materials and most durable construction techniques available.

That's why the majority of AMMCO® lathes are still on the job and working like new even after years of service.

Support and Service

And don't forget that NYTECH Supply is your full-service Factory Authorized Service Center for all your AMMCO Brake Lathes. Our factory-trained technicians have one goal: to make sure you're up and running as quickly as possible when you have an equipment problem.