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We are your one-stop source for Tire Repairs & Chemicals, Tire Service Equipment, Brake Lathes, Tire Pressure Monitoring Tools and Equipment, Car and Truck Lifts, Air Impact Tools, Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling Equipment, Restroom Hygiene Products, and Auto Detailing Products.


   • Wheel Service Equipment

• Bartec TPMS Products

• Brake Lathes

• Car and Truck Lifts

• Wheel Alignment Systems

• Wheel Balancing Systems

• Refrigerant Recovery
   Recycling Equipment

• Compressors & Nitrogen
   Fill Stations

• Air Impact Tools

• Restroom Hygiene Product

• Auto Care/Detailing Products

• Tire Repairs & Chemicals

Wheel Alignment Systems




•  ARGOS Touchless Instavision Wheel Alignment System


• Instant touchless measurements on all four wheels without exiting the vehicle 

• Fits every type of lift or pit for wheel alignment

• No setting up wheel clamps, which means no moving parts and faster turn-around time


•  DWA4000 3D High Definition Wheel Alignment System

Only $14,995 (without VIN scanner)

Only $15,895 (with VIN scanner)

• Repair Focused Software offers multi-language capability and customized configuration choices installed on Windowsฎ based PC platform

• 40+ Year Vehicle Database includes vehicle specific adjustment illustrations and customization capability

• Storage Cabinet includes 24” TFT LCD monitor, printer, and wheel clamp storage

• Wheel Clamps quickly attach to rims without marring surfaces. Wheel clamp extensions are included to attach to offset front dually wheels and also custom

• Optional VIN Barcode Scanner available upon request


•  DWA1000XL 8-Sensor CCD Wheel Alignment System

Only $9,595 (Without Turn-Table Stands)

Only $11,349 (Complete Wheel Alignment System W/ Turn-Table Stands)

• Eight Camera CCD Sensor Design uniquely offer front and rear cross toe views

• Rechargable Lithium Ion Batteries for wireless Bluetooth2 communication

• CEMB Database contains more than 55,000 vehicles and is constantly updated

• Userfriendly Software entirely developed by CEMB, guides the user through all the alignment operations

• Light Weight Wheel Clamps quickly attach to rims without damage


•  DWA1000XLT HD Truck & Bus 8-Sensor CCD Wheel Alignment System

Only $14,995

• Wireless sensor communication uses a robust USB Bluetooth2 interface powered by long lasting rechargeable Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries.

• Multi-axle set up customization.

• Operator selected compensation modes offer rolling compensation, raised axles compensation or by-pass.

• Tire clamps quickly attach to wheels up to 50” diameter.

• 30+ year vehicle database includes heavy-duty truck alignment specifications and alignment spec customization capability.

• CEMB alignment software offers multi-language capability and customized configuration choices.