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We are your one-stop source for Tire Repairs & Chemicals, Tire Service Equipment, Brake Lathes, Tire Pressure Monitoring Tools and Equipment, Car and Truck Lifts, Air Impact Tools, Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling Equipment, Restroom Hygiene Products, and Auto Detailing Products.


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NYTech Racing


New York Tech Supply is a family owned and operated business, with over 50 years and three generations of family management.

It was started by Mr. Marvin Burner in 1967 with one truck and no customers. In a short time we had several trucks on the road across New York State, offering the finest Tire Repair products to our customers.

At that time we adopted a Code of Business Ethics that is still our main way of doing business today… 50+ years and three generations later. The founder’s grandson, Anthony Steiner is now President of the company. 



  • We consider the Customer to be the most important person in our company.

  • We will always communicate with the customer about his needs and concerns.

  • We will always deliver what we promise when we promised.

  • We will always engage fair, competitive pricing policies and accurate invoices.

  • We will always practice excellence in all performed service work.

  • We will always respond to service requests in the fastest possible manner.

  • We will always stand behind our products and service.

  • We will always remember that the customer is our lifeblood.


Automotive repair shop equipment, supply and service.  New York.  Syracuse.  FloridaFulfillment of these promises has helped us to build a good relationship with all of our customers and as a result we have grown so much that we now cover the entire Northeast with 35 Jobber Trucks on the road and we have built a large, modern warehouse that will insure that we always can fill our customers’ orders completely and that we can provide a Service Response Time within 24 hours on all Tire and Service Equipment.

The future is still ahead of us and we will continue to build our satisfied customer base with what we know how to do best … taking care of our customers’ needs, problems and concerns with first class products and service at fair prices.