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Model 1250-3DV 3D Video Balancer
Premium High-Volume Balancer With AC Vector Drive System

  • Click on image to enlargeEmbedded LCD Flat-Screen with Keypad Total Technician Training with life-like animation. Allows technician to watch, then follow steps for accuracy. Multi-operator feature holds two pre-sets across eight balancing modes.

  • Direct Drive™ Extremely fast and durable 1.5 HP Direct Drive Motor. No belts to slip, no pulleys to wear out.

  • 3-D Auto Data Entry Automatic offset and diameter measurement with manual control backups. The hood Sonar calculates third data parameter (width) automatically.

  • Static on Screen™ Static and dynamic data identifies excess residual static imbalance.

  • Laser Guided Operation™ Eliminates error by displaying exact Tape-A-Weight placement and behind the spoke weight placement locations.

  • Static, dynamic, four alloy options, behind the spoke (on all modes with inside weight), plus patch balance.

  • Available with 40mm shaft only.

  • Wheel balancing weights bin is laid out logically so the weights you use most are right at your fingertips.

  • Easy Behind the Spoke Weight Placement helps maintain a “clean” look on custom wheels.

  • Decreased wheel weight usage, an Econo-Balance equipped model.


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   1250-3D Wheel Balancer (Demo Video)